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Vertical Lifts        Vertical Lift           

ShoreMaster vertical lifts are designed for shallow waters, highly fluctuating waters and rough waters where you need to get your boat high out of the water. With the ShoreMaster vertical lift, you only need 18 inches of water clearance and most models have a lifting height of 66 inches, the highest in the industry. The v-side design allows for easy access to your boat.  more information

Cantilever Lifts    Cantilever Lift   

The ShoreMaster cantilever lift is the "Original All-Aluminum Boat Lift". Cantilever models lift the boat with a pivoting motion. Our cantilever lift is generally easier to crank up than a vertical lift, and mechanically simpler than a vertical lift with fewer moving parts to wear. Designed for non-fluctuating waters of over 2.5 feet, the simple design of one cable and three pulleys offers proven performance for years of maintenance-free operation.  more information

Hydraulic Lifts        Hydraulic Lift

ShoreMasterís hydraulic lift represents the most advanced technology available. Its quick, quiet operation will lift your boat out of the water in seconds. With the optional keychain remote, itís as easy as pushing a button.  more information

Personal Watercraft Lifts    Vertical PWC Liftmore information       


 Cantilever Personal Water Craft Lift Cantilever   

Shore Ports


Canopies and Optional Accessories  more information

Canopies; Bunks; Track Systems; Centering Guides; Cradles; Lift Motors; Motor Stops; Pontoon Racks; Wheel Caddies
Canopy    Canopy    Bunks   

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